Monday, October 15, 2007

A few pix of the desk room project

Well, by the popular demand of two comments on the last post, here are a few pix of the desk room. Have to wait til later to show the solatube in action. Te Beagh is serving well in her role as a Helpy-McHelperperson! And how about hard working Marianne painting from atop the freezer? More to come ...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not as cool as Nate's , but a project nonetheless

Well, it all started when Grandma said we could have her dining room table and chairs. It was a bit bigger than our old table, so that got us thinking that maybe we should not have our computer and desk in the dining room anymore. So, we figured we'd take out my old desk in the desk area and put the computer and it's desk there. But then that room really needs to be repainted anyway, and a bit of the wall repaired too. And to spruce it up even more we are going to repaint the old file cabinets - maybe orange and green! Then, since, we're in the mood/mode, we're going to redo some of the furniture and arrangement in the living room and the family room. Going to add coffee tables and new sofas to make them more comfy/friendly. So, by the holidays we should have it done to be enjoyed by all!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot a biggie - we had a Solatube installed in the desk area. It works great and helps make that area not so dark. So, not as cool as Nate's thingy-ma-gingy, but projects they are!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Colorado Aspen

Mom and I had a wonderful overnight retreat in Estes Park last night. We got to listen to the bull elk bugling. It was fun watching the older bigger bulls and the younger ones interact. The aspen were in full color and the weather was really mild. Then we went out to the Dunraven Inn, where in the bar area they have dollar bills that people have written on and stapled to the wall. When they get worn, they donate them to charity. We had a great Italian dinner and a nice bottle of Italian red wine. What a fun overnight retreat - we both needed it!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Grandma's Birthday

We had a really nice evening last night celebrating Grandma's Birthday - and the closing of the sale of their house! The attorney called and told us the deal is done, so that was an extra gift for Grandma. Here are a few pix of the occasion.