Friday, May 11, 2007

Photo post

Just a few pix for those who don't like reading long posts!
Te Beagh and "The Shadow!"
Laurel and Freddie doing our dishes in the tub.
Sleepy Te Beagh.
Flowers on plant in our family room.
Blue grouse on trail to Horsetooth.
On top of Horsetooth rock.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Laurel runs a marathon!

Holy smokes - Laurel ran the Fort Collins marathon today! She finished and beat her old time by 20 minutes! We have some pix from the last half of the race. The first part was all up in the Poudre Canyon along the river - Laurel said it was beautiful. But they didn't want lots of spectators up that far, so we caught her first out of the canyon at Ted's Place. Freddie, Marianne, Te Beagh and I provided the cheerleading. Freddie couldn't run because he had been pretty sick and was just getting better. But he did join up with Laurel for the last 5 miles - hurray for the Team! It turned out to be a beautiful day, now in the afternoon it is raining but the morning was sunny and nice and cool. Good for a marathon!

At mile 17 at Ted's Place.

As we drove past Laurel after Ted's Place, along highway 287.

After mile 21, when Freddie joined Laurel.

Te Beagh was a big fan, and was also kept busy by a frozen parfait in her Kong toy!

Laurel and Freddie in Old Town after the finish.

Laurel with her medallion.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kitchen counters and doggie updates

Today we got our kitchen counters installed and they fit - hurray! Now we can look at tile colors and then the sink etc! It looks really nice, as Laurel is happy to show you.

And we started puppy classes for Te Beagh. she was kind of shy at first, but then during play time she warmed up and started playing with a dachshund puppy - they were having a blast! Now she is exhausted from all the activity. Laurel is definitely in love with Te Beagh - Freddie will likely be pretty jealous of the photo of the two of them!

We went to Avos with Laurel today and got the two-for-one tempeh burgers. Yum! It's fun having her here, and last night was very special - I beat her in the Word Game!!!!!!