Monday, August 03, 2009

Feelin' hoppy!

Our hops got hit pretty hard with the four hailstorms we had this summer, but one bine managed to get all the way to the top of the support. (hmmm, makes me wonder what will happen in a year with no hail storms...). So, today I lowered the wire with the pulley system, and it worked great. I harvested a fair batch of centennial hops. My hands smelled really good after the harvest! I read up on ways to dry them and what I decided to do was put them on the drying trays from the food dehydrator we got from Nate and Karen, but not to use the dehydrator to dry them. It would likely be too hot, so I laid the drying trays on tops of a small fan and will just dry them with regular air. May take a few days, but I think it will work well. Then I'll freeze them and use them for dry hopping! Yep, feelin' pretty hoppy today!