Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tucker pix

Justin, Juliana, and Tucker are visiting and we are loving it! Tucker tried out our new swimming pool too, and enjoys stroller rides, and visits with great grandparents. He's a lot of fun, and we are soaking up our time with him. He will be crawling soon, but for now he mostly stays put when you set him down. But he can reach pretty far, and scooch along a bit, so soon he'll be moving out for real.

We went camping for a night at Rocky Mountain National Park and Tucker did great. I was holding him by our campsite in the morning and a coyote came by and was hunting for a ground squirrel. The coyote ignored us and was stalking the squirrel, maybe just 50 feet away! Justin came up and it still stayed. It pounced and missed its prey, and then walked on. It was awesome to see, so close.

Te Beagh and Tucker are getting to be BFFs. Te Beagh likes to take things slowly, so at first she was a little hesitant about this pint-sized person. But she has gotten more and more used to Tucker, and she even slept by his crib while Tucker napped!

Here are a few cute pix, and a short video clip.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Elm trees are trimmed!

Yowza, we had our elm trees trimmed today, and it looks really nice! here are a few pix:

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gate project

Next week we're going to get someone to trim the dead and low hanging branches from our big elm trees. So this was a good time to enlarge and fix the wooden gate that goes from the road into our orchard, so they can get their machinery in there. I got new posts and set them in concrete and got better hardware all the way around, including adding rolling wheels to the bottom of each gate, so they won't sag over time. The new wood stands out now, but it'll fade soon enough. Now, on to more projects!