Monday, July 17, 2006

Housebuilding project in Juarez, Mexico

Saturday, Mom and I are off with a group of UU youth to Juarez, Mexico to build a house (in 4 days!). We'll be working with the UU church in El Paso Texas, and the group in Juarez is Casas por Cristo. It's hard to believe we'll be able to do this in 4 days, but they have done it lots of times, and say it works well. There will be about 12 youth and 4 adults, so that is a good size group. Just like with Sierra's MCC work, we hope the youth are good kids and good workers!

We'll take lots of pix and post them and some stories when we return (Sunday the 30th). Now I have to go out and buy a battery operated fan for keeping me cool at night!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Family time in the Fort

This past week or so has been full of great times. Last Friday Mom and I went camping with Justin in Rocky Mountain National Park for a night. Then on Monday Freddie and Laurel came, and on Tuesday, Juliana and her Mom, Lisa. On the 4th, we cooked out veggie and meat brats, and, of course, churned some of our delicious ice cream. On the 5th we drove up Fall River road in Rocky Mountain Park - it's the narrow, one-way gravel road that ends at the Alpine Visitor Center. It was awesome up there. Clouds were moving in and out, and the effect was really beautiful. We drove back down Trail Ridge road and then had a nice picnic lunch.

Last night we went to see Quentin's show, Metamorphoses, which was excellent. They had gotten a great review in the Coloradoan.
So, there was a good size and receptive audience. Quentin had several good parts, and also did the design and construction of a 1,000 gallon pool on stage! This was a major feature of the show, as the majority of the acting took place in or around the pool. It was very effective, and a very artistic production.

Today, Freddie and laurel are down in Denver to see
Body Worlds 2 in Denver. Then they may go out to Casa Bonita restaurant!

Justin and Juliana drove Lisa to the airport today. Tomorrow morning we'll go for a visit at Patsy and Jerry's, and then in the afternoon we'll take Freddie and Laurel back. J & J leave on Monday. So, it's been great, and nice not to have everyone leaving at the same time. There were lots of smiles and good times: