Friday, June 22, 2007

Puppy Update

Te Beagh is growing up, and as you can see is starting to catch up to Regan. She is doing really well, and we are lovin' her up! I took her to the vet today because she has some of her adult teeth coming in, but her puppy teeth are still there. But they said the puppy teeth would probably be pushed out. If not, we will have her spayed in mid-July and if they need to they can remove the teeth then. She is going on some nice long walks and getting better at meeting people and doing new things. Michelle (Mom's cousin's daughter) will house sit while we are up at the WEDDING (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excitement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The sink is in!!!!!

Well, after more than 2 months of waiting, we finally have a kitchen sink! Not to the credit of Home Despot, however. They made a series of errors and never did get it right. What finally worked was a letter to the CEO of the sink company. Soon after we got a call from a Vice President of the place, and he got on the phone to the factory, got the right sink made, and sent overnight to us! And he made Home Despot pay us back for the whole price. So, maybe all the dishes in the tub were worth it. Then, when the company came to cut the hole in the countertop, they didn't realize the sink has two different size drain areas, so they cut the hole in the wrong place! Incredible! Luckily, the Corian is repairable, so they had to add back a piece and re-cut the other side. They did a good job and you can't tell the seam is there. Anyway, it looks great, and we also got new tiles behind the sink and stove. The sink has a built-in drainboard, and the faucet has a swivel tip - fancy us! It is a bit of a makeover for the kitchen, and we're pleased - finally! But, I would never recommend Home Despot for such a job to anyone. Maybe they are ok to buy stuff, but not for any in-home projects. But, as they say -"All's well that ends well!"

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Te Beagh learns to "High-Five"!

Nate and Karen are here for the weekend and Nate taught Te Beagh to give a "High-Five"! What a good trainer and smart puppy!